The Winds of Change?

As China continues to grow economically, the world wonders if the country’s government will also change. After all, how can a communist government properly foster a rapidly expanding capitalist economy? Well soon the world will get to see how China will deal with its new place in the world. Starting March 5 China’s legislative body will again convene and the body will address privatization of old nationally owned businesses. Recently a debate has sprung up over whether the government should protect its growing private sector or not. Many feel that the developing companies have and will only widen the gap between rich and poor. Those who disagree with that view feel that those who would support anti-privatization legislation are of the “old” communist party. But an online petition to stop privatizing business, which was recently censored, was reported to have three million signatures. So the question is will China’s government change to fit its new economic position, or will it make the position fit China. This seems be the story of China’s recent economic history.    

~ by palps88 on February 21, 2007.

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