To What End

Today former Secretaries of Sate Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright answered questions before the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee on Iraq. Both Kissinger and Albright feel that the president’s most recent step of adding another 21,000 troops will not be sufficient to bring stability to the torn country, and both feel the United States now more than ever needs to work with neighboring countries Iran and Syria. I agree because currently as Albright said to the committee the United States appears to be a “colonial power”.

I wonder though what will the United States ask of Syria and Iran? And what can these countries offer the United Sates. From the news reports that I’ve read and seen it seems that Iraq is in a state of anarchy, well not complete anarchy, but life in Iraq is nowhere near as stable as life in California seems to be, or that is at least how the media portrays the situation in Iraq. I feel that diplomacy is needed, but it seems no one knows to what end. Will the US ask Iran for military support, I know that won’t happen, will we ask for supplies, or will Iraq become a modern post war Germany and be split into several different areas in an attempt to rebuild the country from scratch? I doubt any of those ideas are even possible but there are more outcomes given there than anything I’ve read. The United States has continuously expressed our goal is to create a thriving and stable Iraq, adding more troops, although it will probably help, just seems like Iraq is being propped up rather than having the capability to stand alone. I wonder if this cry for diplomacy will turn into an attempt to give legitimacy to an ill planned attempt at enforcing democracy in the world.

~ by palps88 on January 31, 2007.

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